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Product Care

Product Care Sheet Downloads

Restoring Black Terrazzo using Chinese Ink - Instructions

pdf download - care instructions - Cadix UK Oil Lamps - Instructions

pdf download - care instructions - Cadix UK Grandelight Furniture - Product Care


Misc. Product Information:

Maintenance & Cleaning Terrazzo Furniture & Planters

UV and weather influence the surface of Terrazzo over time, the surface may dry out and fade the colour. Regular treatment of Terrazzo with our special Cadix Stain Stop Plus treatment and Terrazzo Ink will maintain & revive Terrazzo.

Avoid the use of aggressive detergents and contact with substances containing acids.

Sharp objects will scratch the surface of Terrazzo

Cleaning Elegrande Terrazzo

To clean Terrazzo use warm water and soft soap (Based on linseed oil)
Stains that can’t be removed by washing and polishing can be removed with fine sanding paper. DO remember to polish and impregnate with Cadix Stain Stop Plus and Cadix Terrazzo Ink after sanding it.

For Terrazzo Repairs, a Terrazzo Repair Kit is available.


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Grandelight Water Features

Please read the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the pump before installation and operation.

Ensure the inside of the basin is sealed, using silicone around the bung wherever a bung is used and concrete sealant where the inside basin surface feels porous.
(This does not apply in applications where a tub is used)

Cabling will exit through a bung, a PVC Pipe or over the edge of the feature, depending on the design of the product

The hose is to be connected between the pump outlet and the stainless steel water nozzle or inlet pipe.

(A four way connector is to be connected to channel the water flow when three water nozzles or inlet pipes are to be connected)

Place on a level surface and ensure the weight of the basin is evenly distributed over the ground surface

Do not allow the pump to run dry, this will cause permanent damage to the pump

Clean the pump from time to time to ensure smooth operation

Use a qualified electrician to connect the electricity cable to the mains


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Luna Metal Planters

Our Luna range has been constructed and treated to the highest standard and is frost resistant when drained properly.

We recommend to fill the bottom of the pot up with bricks, stone, gravel or similar.

Ensure the drainage hole does not get blocked, this is best achieved by placing the pot off the ground.

Use good potting compost to ensure optimal drainage

In time, UV and weather influences will change the colour and finish of the product in a natural way.

To clean this product you may use linseed or baby oil or water.

Steel products are subject to corrosion. Painting the inside of the container will prolong the products life

If used indoors, the product must be sealed or placed in a saucer. To avoid possible problems with condensation on delicate floors the product must be raised above the floor so air can circulate, or must be placed on insulation material, for example polystyrene.


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Luna Aluminum and Mirrored Planters

Luna Aluminium is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living environments.

For indoor use a bung is provided. We recommend all-purpose silicone sealant or a liner to ensure the container is completely sealed. To avoid possible problems with condensation on delicate floors the product must be raised above the floor so air can circulate, or must be placed on insulation material, for example polystyrene.

The mirrored collection is made from highly polished stainless steel.

The Coloured and Brushed Steel Collection is made from Anodised stainless steel,

Cleaning Luna Aluminium

Hose off all dirt that may scratch the surface of your container before using a soft cloth and warm water. In the case of oxidation: Use metal polish and a soft clean cloth.

UV and Weather influences may influence the appearance of the product in time.


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Grandelight Planters

Grandelight – Lightweight Terrazzo Planters & Accessories

Like Terrazzo, this product is handmade of crushed granite, and is highly polished. Instead of cement, Grandelight uses polyester as a binding agent for improved strength and fibreglass for a stable construction. The result is a lighter weight product without compromising the design and finish.

Grandelight is frost proof when drained properly.

Cleaning Grandelight Planters:
Use warm water and a soft cloth or sponge.

Potting Grandelight Planters:
We recommend to fill the bottom of the pot up with bricks, stone or gravel or similar.

Ensure the drainage hole does not get blocked; this is best achieved by placing the pot off the ground.

Use good potting compost to ensure good drainage.


Product and Care Information:

Terra Slate Table Tops & Base & Chairs


The Metal Base is made of Galvanised powder coated steel

The Table Top is made of carefully selected hand cut Slate Tiles, Outdoor Quality Grout Mortar which has undergone a special process to give maximum strength.

A metal Reinforcement Structure and a combination of Light Weight Composite Material make these tables strong but light.

The bottom of the table top is finished with a cement layer, and contains screw holes for base attachment


The Table top is treated to avoid staining, while keeping a natural look. To keep the look, you may redo this treatment after a while with a natural tile impregnator such as Cadix Stain Stop Plus.

If the Powder coating of the Metal Base is scratched it is recommendable that the damaged areas are immediately covered with an outdoor quality black metal paint to avoid the start of corrosion. (A touch up kit for car paints can be used)

In the event of a tile coming loose this can simply be repositioned and fixed by using Super Glue and Outdoor quality Grey Grout mortar.

Product Guarantee:

We offer a 1 year guarantee on the table top surface and metal base, on structural faults, excluding corrosion as this may be related to the usage of the product.


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Cadix Oil Lamps

PRODUCT: Oil burning lamp, in ceramic, steel or terrazzo bodies.


To fill with lamp oil, lift the steel container from the lamp and remove the nozzle and cotton wick. Fill the container with lamp oil up to 75% of it’s capacity, using a funnel or an Easyfill® bottle, and replace the wick & nozzle into the hole. Ensuring that the exposed wick is almost flush with the nozzle or no more than 2mm proud of it. This will avoid any excessive flame and smoke.


In the case of small children, just a sip of lamp oil – or even sucking the wick – may lead to life threatening lung damage.

If lamp oil is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately or contact a poison information centre and show these warnings

Keep this oil lamp out of the reach of children both in use and when stored Only Use Cadix lamp oil (99% Liquid Paraffin) or Cadix Citronella Oil.

Light the wick with care. Do not fill when alight.

Ensure the oil container has not been contaminated with water, does not show signs of corrosion or leaks

Allow to cool down before handling

Always keep children and pets away from the naked flame.

Never leave unattended when burning.

Do not move when alight

Burn away from flammable materials

Take care when placing stoneware onto polished surfaces. The stoneware may cause staining or scratching. Protect surface beneath the lamp.

Extinguish by blowing out the flame or covering the flame, taking away the supply of oxygen

BS EN 14059:2002


Care Instructions and Product Information:

Cadix Gel Burners

General Instruction for Safe Use

These instructions apply to all Cadix Gel Burners, for product specific guides, please read instructions provided with the burners.

Gel burners will only work well when using proper burning gel designed for gel burners, we recommend the use of Cadix Flame Gel.



Placement of the Gel Burner:

• The Gel Burner is suitable for Garden, Patio, Conservatory and Large Living Room

• Ensure sufficient ventilation is in place without creating a draft

• Ensure ventilation hole in bottom or top of the Gel Burner is not blocked and the steel Gel container fits comfortably in it’s body

• After a while the gel burner may create slight staining like candles

• Make sure the Gel Burner is placed on a non inflammable, heat resistant and stable surface

• Ensure that there are no inflammable objects within 2 meters distance from the Gel burner (Over, Behind, In Front, Left and Right) and ensure a stable position away from children and pets

User Instructions:

• Always use the gel burner with the steel gel container supplied.

Filling the Steel Gel Container:

• While the Steel Gel Container is positioned outside the Gel Burner Holder, Carefully fill the Gel Container to up to 75% of it’s capacity

• Remove any Burning Gel drops spilled onto the Gel Burner & container before igniting the gel burner

• Never take out or refuel a hot or warm Gel Container

Replacement of the steel gel containers:

• The Steel Gel Container supplied is fire proof, but must be replaced if there are any signs of cracks or corrosion


• Ignite the Gel Burner using a long match

• Do not put anything into the flame as this will cause soot, smoke and fire

• Let the contents of each Gel Container run out and never leave a burning flame unattended

• Always keep pets and children away from a naked flame

• When using the Gel Burner outside, please note that a unpredictable flame can develop

• In case you wish to extinguish the flame before the Gel Container runs out of gel, cover the flame with the lid, and ensure the flame is out. Remove the gel container when it has cooled down and remove the remaining gel.

• Do not re-use remaining gel

• Clean the Gel Container after use by soaking it for about 30 minutes in water & washing up liquid. If required, brush out the residue and rinse with water… The Container is ready for re-use.

Characteristics of Gel for Gel Burners:

• Always follow the instructions shown on the packaging of the gel

• The Gel is a flammable liquid, always take care in storage and keep out of reach from children

• In case of swallowing the Gel, immediately contact a doctor and show the label or packaging of the gel

• The packaging of the gel should be kept away from ignitable sources. Don’t smoke when lighting the Gel Burner

• The Gel for gel burners is best used at room temperature when used. In temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius the Gel will not ignite easily and it will take more time to for an attractive flame to develop


For further information, please contact Cadix at info@cadix.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1440 713 704


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